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Qatari Investment into the Dubai Property Market

The Dubai property market has long been an attractive investment destination for international investors, and Qatari investors are no exception. 

With its robust economy and promising returns, Dubai offers lucrative opportunities for Qatari investors seeking to diversify their portfolios and capitalise on a familiar and thriving real estate sector.

Like most global investors, Qataris have recognised the potential of the Dubai property market and its third growth cycle. Dubai stands out as one of the strongest-performing property markets globally, boasting exceptional growth and impressive returns and, more so than ever before, these returns look set to be realised in a sustainable and maturing market. 

Unlike many global investors who seek to acquire assets in the Dubai property market while domestic real estate returns are set to soften, the Qatari economy is strong. That said, the lure of Dubai property and world-leading levels of prime real estate ROI ensure Qataris will acquire Dubai property units in the coming months and years.

Key reasons and statistics for Qatari investment in Dubai property

These statistics highlight the significant involvement of Qatari investors in the Dubai property market, emphasising their confidence in the emirate’s real estate sector and its potential for attractive returns on investment.

Qatari investment volume

Qatari investors have made substantial investments in the Dubai property market over the years and were one of the first nations to recognise the potential. Back in 2013, Qatar had the highest per capital investment in Dubai real estate of all nations.

Portfolio diversification

Qatari investors have been actively diversifying their portfolios by investing in Dubai’s property market. Dubai offers a range of property types, including residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors, allowing Qatari investors to diversify their investment holdings and minimise risks.

Real estate crossover

Dubai has been a preferred destination for real estate exhibitions and roadshows, attracting Qatari investors. These events provide a platform for developers, brokers, and investors to network and explore investment opportunities. Qatari investors actively participate in such events to gather information and make informed investment decisions.

Construction partnerships

Qatari developers and construction companies have been involved in various projects in Dubai, while Qatar Diar has sold plots to DAMAC in the past. These partnerships contribute to the development and construction of iconic buildings and infrastructure in the GCC, further strengthening the ties between Qatar and Dubai’s real estate sectors.

Qatar's investment highlights in Dubai Property

Qatari investors can benefit from numerous factors that make Dubai an attractive investment destination:

Key property markets in Dubai for Qatari investors

Similar to other international investors, Qatari investors are acquiring real estate in various key areas in Dubai. Here is a breakdown of some of the popular investment locations:

Notably, districts with villas or townhouses tend to be more expensive, while apartment-dominated areas offer more affordable options, particularly for first-time Qatari investors seeking higher return on investment.

The maturity and long-term performance of Dubai Property

Dubai’s property market has undergone significant changes in recent years, focusing on sustainability and transparency. The emirate has emerged as the most transparent property market in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, attracting the attention of global consultancies.

Investors from all overt he world now benefit from enhanced policies and regulations implemented by the UAE government. The Dubai Land Department ensures that real estate data is publicly available, promoting transparency and instilling confidence in long-term investors.

Economic similarities between Qatar and Dubai

While many property investors have yet to fully realise Dubai’s economic potential, governments and institutions are well aware of its benefits. Dubai retains its position as the world’s top destination for foreign direct investment (FDI) projects, attracting capital from various countries.

Qatari has adopted a similar model allowing it to move away from its oil and liquified gas exports to a more robust and diversified economic offering.

The dirham is pegged to the US dollar as is Qatar’s currency, the Riyal. Both economies have enjoyed the economic stability this usually brings with the US dollar continuing to be an assured and powerful currency. 

Furthermore, in sharing a currency base, Qatari investors can usually count on less forex fluctuation and additional risk in the value of their assets in Dubai.


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