Northern Emirates shine as prime real estate hotspots

The latest Annual Property Market Report for the Northern Emirates, presented by Dubizzle, highlights substantial growth in the region’s real estate sector in 2023. The comprehensive analysis underscores Ajman, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaimah’s escalating prominence, fueled by extensive data derived from user interactions and on-ground evaluations.

Haider Khan, the CEO of Dubizzle, reflected on the insights, indicating the northern emirates’ emerging allure in the UAE’s property landscape. He emphasised the notable upswing in the property sector, driven by the competitive market offerings, including advanced facilities, value-driven pricing, and the swift execution of new developments. The popularity of these emirates is evident from the surge in online activity, with property listings attracting significant attention, demonstrating a robust demand for residential and investment prospects.


Ajman’s real estate market flourished remarkably in 2023, with the Dubizzle report highlighting its ascent as a sought-after destination. The emirate’s strategic developments and diverse property offerings have catalysed a surge in market metrics, illustrating a robust investment and residential appeal.

Key highlights include Ajman Downtown’s standout performance, offering substantial investment returns, and Al Yasmeen’s prominence in the villa segment. The rental sector also reflected positive momentum, with Al Nuaimiya leading in both rental attractiveness and sales value. Investment hotspots like Emirates City and Al Amerah demonstrated high returns, signifying the emirate’s lucrative market landscape.


In 2023, Sharjah’s property market continued its upward trajectory, maintaining its appeal with its cultural vibrancy and strategic locale. The emirate has solidified its reputation, drawing consistent interest from buyers and renters alike, with a particular focus on regions like Al Khan and Muwaileh for their investment viability and residential appeal.

The market observed a general price appreciation, with a notable preference for Al Majaz and Al Khan due to their attractive returns on investment. The rental scene in areas like Al Nahda and Muwaileh displayed significant growth, aligning with the demand for quality living spaces.

RAs al khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah’s property sector in 2023 mirrored a dynamic and evolving marketplace, marked by a mix of trends. The emirate has drawn attention with its completed projects and enticing amenities, making it a favoured choice for property dealings.

Noteworthy trends include Al Marjan Island’s dominance in the sales category and Yasmin Village’s remarkable investment yield. The villa market in Al Hamra Village showcased significant activity, with an impressive uptick in pricing and rental demand, underscoring the emirate’s broadening appeal in the real estate domain.

This comprehensive report from Dubizzle provides a deep dive into the Northern Emirates’ property markets, showcasing a year of robust growth and evolving opportunities, setting a promising tone for the future of real estate in the region.

Original article reference: Zawya 


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