OMNIYAT Group Announces Upcoming AED 100B Real Estate Portfolio Plan

OMNIYAT, a leading name in Dubai’s ultra-luxury real estate market, has unveiled a significant milestone with the introduction of OMNIYAT Group. This new corporate structure aims to drive success across its branded companies. OMNIYAT Group has set an ambitious target of AED 100B for its total group portfolio over the next five years, dedicating AED 50B to new ventures across diverse real estate sectors.

Founded in 2005 by Executive Chairman Mahdi Amjad, OMNIYAT has been a visionary force in the Dubai real estate sector. The company has consistently raised the bar by creating unique living experiences and maintaining high standards in luxury real estate.

OMNIYAT is committed to accelerating its growth trajectory. The company aims to expand its presence in the ultra-luxury real estate market, targeting a total portfolio of AED 50B.

From the beginning, strategic diversification has been key to OMNIYAT’s success. OMNIYAT Group plans to launch a new real estate company in Q3 2024, as part of its commitment to invest AED 50B in various market segments. With a deep understanding of market demands, the group aims to deliver on its vision to be “the best in class, in every class.”

This announcement marks a significant milestone, reinforcing OMNIYAT Group’s commitment to reshaping the real estate landscape in Dubai and beyond.

Executive Chairman Mahdi Amjad said that nineteen years ago, he founded OMNIYAT to achieve something unprecedented in Dubai’s real estate sector. Dubai is known for its remarkable progress, and he aimed to bring iconic projects to its skyline, standing out for their design, innovation, and artistry.

OMNIYAT Group’s mission is to elevate the quality of life and environment for all stakeholders, driven by a commitment to excellence. The group will continuously strive to set new standards and create experiences that make life better.

Embracing an ecosystem approach, OMNIYAT Group will leverage its extensive network to drive transformative change in urban living, focusing on innovation and sustainability.

Original article reference: Dubai Chronicle.


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