Sharjah Introduces New Property Leasing Policy

The Emirate of Sharjah is set to introduce new real estate legislation aimed at refining the relationship between property owners and tenants, securing clarity and fairness in their agreements.

In a decisive move by the Sharjah Consultative Council (SCC), a fresh legislative blueprint for real estate leasing has received approval, as reported by the state’s official news source, WAM. This action was taken during a session where council members, alongside Sharjah’s governmental legal authorities and municipal representatives, deliberated on the prospective law.

Presiding over the gathering, Dr. Abdullah Belhaif Al Nuaimi, the Council’s Chairman, along with the legislative and legal affairs committee, thoroughly examined the nuances of the proposed legislation. The session stressed the necessity of modernising the existing legal framework, in place since 2007, to better align with the evolving real estate landscape.

Emphasising the legislative milestone, Counsellor Dr. Mansour Mohammed bin Nassar highlighted the draft’s role in reinforcing the legal scaffolding supporting the landlord-tenant relationship, attuned to the unique statutory environment of Sharjah.

The initiative, according to Khaled Falah Al Suwaidi, the Customer Service Director at Sharjah Municipality, is set to invigorate the region’s appeal to tourists, investors, and residents alike, embedding strong provisions within the law.

The council’s engagement in detailed discussions on the draft’s objectives and the clarifications sought on its legal interpretations marked a comprehensive review, paving the way for its anticipated implementation in 2024.

Concluding the session, the Council’s Secretary-General, Ahmed Saeed Al-Jarwan, mapped out the forthcoming agenda, spotlighting the Sharjah Tourism and Commerce Development Authority’s policy as the next focal point of deliberation, signalling a proactive legislative term as conveyed by WAM.

This legislative advancement is representative of a forward-looking approach to real estate regulation in Sharjah, promising a balanced and transparent framework for the Emirate’s property market stakeholders.

Original article reference: Arabian Business


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