Mercedes-Benz Places

Downtown Dubai

Discover living in sensual purity. New grounds for extraordinary moments.




Mercedes-Benz Places

The blend of design artistry with the precision of advanced technology creates a harmonious environment where unparalleled customer-centered experience harmonises with continuous innovation. Each space is designed to converge human connection, technological advancement and innovative design. Every corner tells a story of interaction to set a new standard for luxurious design and intelligent living.

This visionary project represents the zenith of Binghatti and Mercedes-Benz’s shared passion for iconic design and innovation, setting a new benchmark for luxurious and intelligent living.

Sensual purity is the design philosophy of Mercedes-Benz, a philosophy that explores the dipolarity between intelligence and emotion. This design philosophy celebrates the creation of design and spaces with unmatched aesthetics that can be felt and lived before being visualised or perceived. The concept of sensual purity unifies rational intelligent design with emotional hues, delivering a pure and simplistic form of beauty that is simultaneously stunning and spectacular.


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Downtown Dubai

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Dubai, Binghatti Mercedes-Benz Places offers a prime address surrounded by landmarks like the Dubai Mall and offers breathtaking views of the iconic Burj Khalifa. This central location ensures residents are immersed in the city’s vibrant pulse, with world-class amenities and entertainment options at their doorstep.

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Mercedes-Benz Places


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Once you’ve notified us of your interest in the project, we’ll arrange a convenient time to speak further about your investment goals and ensure this project is the right choice for you.


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We’ll assist you in identifying the right property within the project, that aligns with your investment objectives and budget. Once we’ve selected a property, we will communicate with the developer on your behalf.


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We’ll handle the process directly with the developer from start to finish, offering help and advice to assist you with decisions along the way. We’ll take care of all the paperwork and make your experience as straightforward as possible.


Legal paperwork and management

We’ll also be on hand to assist you through every stage of the purchasing process, including transfer of ownership at the Dubai Land Department, assisting with relevant visa applications and even arranging management of your new property.



Binghatti is one of the largest property developers and holding companies in the United Arab Emirates founded in 2008 by renowned Emirati entrepreneur Dr. Hussain BinGhatti along with his sons.

Muhammad BinGhatti had a vision to lead the renaissance of property in the region, amalgamating art into properties.

Binghatti hyper-properties are designed specifically for those with a genuine appreciation of fine architecture, giving their residents the experience of how modern and thoughtful design, combined with cutting-edge technology can make a property more than just a place you live in.


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